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Margate FC 2 - 1 Kingstonian
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Sat 23 Apr @ 3:00 PM
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Margate FC Glebe
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Q and A with Ben Greenhalgh

Q and A with Ben Greenhalgh

Tommy Park caught up with Ben Greenhalgh after Saturday’s FA Trophy win.

TP: Firstly a goal and an assist today, congratulations on a great performance and the win.

Just to focus on that first goal, where you came into the centre then played the ball down the line to Crossley Lema who made the overlapping run. Is this something you are always looking for to make that pass onto the runner?

BG: Yeah it is, without giving too much away on how we play, but everyone knows I am left footed and Crossley has got a lot of energy and he's made a big difference to be fair. If you look at the last three games, you can see I've probably gotten into the match more because he is making those runs around me and giving me more options. He's been making those runs in the last two games, creating chances from it and it's great now that he's managed to get the goal out of it.

TP: Is this kind of game a testament to how you guys play and your mentality when you can't quite get the goal early on but stay focused and do eventually get the goals?

BG: It is yeah, i think what has happened in the last two games is the opponents can see we have been on good form and when they know this they can naturally drop off a little bit when they don’t have the ball. We then need to be a little more patient, which we are working on and I think in the last three games that has gotten better and the quality has gotten a bit better. The key word from Jay at half time is just not getting frustrated and if you look at it we've been 0-0 at halftime in the last two games and we have gone on to win 2-0, so it’s looking positive at the moment.

TP: The second goal obviously a great free kick, as the free kick taker is this something you are always working on to capitalise from those chances?

BG: It is probably something I am a bit renowned for in non-league. I love a free kick and any set piece when I get the chance. I try to come alive from there and that was a big one, I Fancied it and I scored a similar one in training Thursday night so I had that confidence on the ball and I trusted myself there.

TP: Coming o ff a few wins and winning again tonight is this something that shows your consistency as a team is improving?

BG: If you look at it, we have brought in a few players that made a big difference and Jay has said that when he's looking on the bench he sees all good players to use which creates that competition for us and that's a big thing to make us up our performances. I think if you look at it, we are a new team and it is probably supposing a little bit to be doing as well as we are in the new season, and sometimes it can take a full season to get going. We are not there yet, we aren't the end product but we are definitely on a good roll.

TP: Just lastly how pleased are you when you score a free kick like that at home in front of the fans.

BG: It’s great, maybe a better one the other night under the lights in the 70th minute and its really loud and that one was towards the home end, but every goal at home is massive and the home fans are non-stop. As you can see in the bar after the match, they go mad, and it is brilliant to see. It’s mutual as well they get a buzz, and it gives us that buzz on the pitch to perform.

Thursday, 04 November 2021
By Charlotte Richardson

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