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Gate Progess In FA Trophy

Gate Progess In FA Trophy

By Tommy Park

On Saturday the 30th October, Margate played at home to face Beaconsfield Town in the BuildBase FA Trophy for their opening match in this competition.

At kick off Margate got down to business as usual trying to keep the ball and establish themselves early. Using their midfield to control the game and develop attacks on the visitors defence. The visitors seemed to have recognised Margate's ability going forward and chose to play a bit further back with a deeper line in an attempt to stop Margate's front men from getting into the box.

Initially The Blues were struggling to keep the ball, this nearly caused them a problem early on in the 10th minute, when Beaconsfield attacker Sydney Ibib broke into the box but fortunately for Margate, goalie Pat Ohman was focused and saved the one on one.

Margate quickly got themselves onto the front foot and started to dominate the game with multiple chances in the first half. In the 14th minute winger Ryan Palmer would set his sights on goal with a ranged shot that despite being hit well was collected by the keeper.

Margate came close to scoring again in the 26th minute when Ben Greenhalgh skillfully flicked the ball over the defenders head giving him a chance on goal but the angle was too tight and the ball hit the side netting.

The Blues would continue to come close in the first half but couldn't quite get themselves ahead. Margate were shocked by another close chance from the visitors when Ibib found his way into the box to face Ohman again but again Ohman would make the save this time with his legs.

The game was ties 0-0 at half time

At the start of the second half The Blues were right back to work, trying to figure out the visitors and break down their defensive line.

Beaconsfield would make some attempts to halt the Margate attack and mount attacks of their own but to no avail as The Blues kept them back and continued to dominate.

In the 60th minute Margate looked to mix up their attack and they changed Ryan Palmer for James Bessey-Saldanha, who immediately started using his pace to harass the Beaconsfield right back and came close to scoring.

Margate would finally be awarded for their efforts in the 73rd minute when Greenhalgh collected the ball in the middle of the pitch and noticed Crossley Lema making what is becoming a trademark run down the right flank. A perfectly timed through ball dropped into Lemas path and he cut towards the goal and passed it into the net.

1-0 Margate and Lema scored in only his second game for Margate.

The Blues would strike again in the 78th minute when Greenlagh stepped up to take a freekick from 25 yards out. Greenhalgh hit the ball perfectly, striking it right into the top right corner.

2-0 Margate.

The Blues were tenacious as ever as they kept pressing on. Sam Blackman nearly extended the Margate lead as he drove into the box and took a shot that was just cleared off the line. Just a minute later Vance Bola would dribble past the Beaconsfield defence and hit the post with his strike.

Margate would see out the game leading 2-0 after having spent the match looking after possession and waiting patiently for their opportunity to strike

Another win for Margate as they proceed into the next round of the cup.

Margate XI: Pat Ohman, Crossley Lema, Joe Anderson, Montel Agyemang, Lewis Knight, Ben Swift, Ryan Palmer, Sam Blackman, Dan Thompson, Vance Bola, Ben Greenhalgh.

Subs: Harrison Hatfull, Fynn Rutherford, Owen Kallmeir, Bivesh Gurung(81’), James Bessey-Saldanha(60’), Charlie Hatton, Martial Godo(71’).

Goalscorers: Crossley Lema(73’), Ben Greenhalgh(78’).

Tuesday, 02 November 2021
By Charlotte Richardson

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